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Grindley Williams Engineering

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Grindley Williams Engineering of Lakeland, FL. was initially founded as a geotechnical drilling company (then known as MCD) in support of subsidence investigations. A few years later, the firm became a full service provider of subsidence investigations and added geotechnical and structural engineering capabilities. Utilizing decades of experience, Grindley Williams Engineering provides many civil engineering services including geotechnical testing, geological hazard evaluations, structural engineering and land development services. By the nature of the services, Grindley Williams Engineering experts feel at home in the field as well as the office.

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Working on-site and often without an internet connection, those in the field needed the ability to easily gather and relay information to the office. At the time, crews had to gather information, complete paperwork, take high-quality photos, then travel back to the office to compile it all into a professional-looking Microsoft Word report. The amount of time spent on travelling to the office and actually creating a job-specific report complete with pictures and captions cut into the time that could have been spent on another job. A solution was needed to aid with the information gathering process and allow a user to stay in the field longer without having to travel back to the office to complete the job.
Grindley Williams attempted to mitigate the report creation process by creating a template of commonly used text that could be copied and pasted. The selection of text to use varied by job, and places to insert job-specific information still had to be found and edited accordingly. In order to catch any copy and pasting or editing errors, the report still had to be reviewed. For every report, photos still had to be edited, positioned, and captioned as necessary. This equated to hours of work for a single report. Grindley Williams Engineering sought a way to cut down on the amount of time spent creating these reports, hoping to find a more automated process.


Jon Williams, Managing Partner of Grindley Williams Engineering, approached Apple consultants for ideas. The Apple consultants referred him to DocuWrx knowing the variety of solutions DocuWrx produces. After contact was made, a DocuWrx Solutions Consultant arranged meetings with Grindley Williams to identify specific workflows, processes, and challenges. The Solutions Consultant analyzed how work was being completed, and where the process could be improved by a FileMaker solution. With this information gathered, a detailed quote with hard figures was presented to the firm, free of charge or obligation.

After the proposal was approved, and the process shifted to design. A Solutions Architect thoroughly planned out the solution, keeping in mind workflows and challenges. Consulting with Grindley Williams for approval, DocuWrx designed a solution to meet the firm’s needs.

The next phase was the actual build process. DocuWrx developers went to work bringing the solution to life, employing the Agile Development Method. This method provided adaptive planning and development as the firm was able to view and test the solution during development. This allowed for feedback, and any adjustments needed were made to precisely fit the solution to needs and goals.

With the solution completed and approved, the Solutions Architect met with the firm once more prior to launch. DocuWrx demonstrated all the features of the solution, and showed how specific workflows are accomplished. With final approval, the solution was launched and an Account Manager was assigned to provide additional support.


Actively using the solution, Grindley Williams Engineering now has a solution that is custom-tailored to their business. Using an iPad in the field, a crew member can view or create job and contact information. Forms, documentation, and interview questions are stored and recorded within the solution, greatly reducing physical paperwork.  All information can be stored offline when internet connection is not available, and then the solution syncs with the DocuWrx-hosted Microsoft Azure cloud platform when connected. Office staff have instant access to the synced and backed-up information, eliminating the need for travel.

Given that photos are vital for operations, users are able to connect high quality cameras to an iPad, and store photos within the solution without sacrificing quality for memory. Pictures can also be resized, cropped, rotated and edited as necessary within the solution. Captions are also added by typing or using a voice-to-text feature. This saves extra steps in the report creation process, yet maintains the necessary level of quality.

The most significant time savings comes in the form of automated report generation. Managers are able to select any number of pre-formatted sections of text as they apply for the given job. The report is then filled in using specific job information stored in the solution such as names, addresses and more. This eliminates any editing errors which occurred using the firm’s previous process. With a click of a button, the solution generates a Microsoft Word document, containing the completely formatted report with editable text and captioned pictures. By using the solution, Grindley Williams Engineering saves literal hours on a daily basis.

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